Barbering Courses

Clipper and Beard Assurance

From: £180.00

This course will give you the crucial skills to show effective clipper-over-comb cuts, apply textures to hair with clippers, line up, trim, and layer stunning beards and let your clients feel calm throughout this experience.

Getting to Know Barbering

From: £180.00

Improved by Mr.Snipper Education, the Getting to Know Barbering course is the fantastic way to teach you the bases of barbering and give you a better comprehension of how much this historic profession has to offer.

Professional Fades and Blades

From: £180.00

Considering those having barbering experience, this course gives everything you need to know to make some of the most sought-after and up-to-date hairstyles and beards in the barbering industry.

Trainer for A Day

From: £180.00

Possessing a vast selection of educators signifies that we can dedicate you the perfect professional to have at your disposal for the whole day.



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